Kenya is the perfect safari country!

 Kenya offers the traveler:

  • the adventure of a safari into the realm of wild animals
  • unique diverse landscape forms
  • Savannas, wilderness, bushland, rivers
  • Impressive mountain worlds with high forests
  • the African Rift Valley as an open book of exciting earth history
  • extinct volcanoes and lava flows
  • Waterfalls, rainforests, springs and lakes
  • African urban jungle, for example in Nairobi
  • A relaxing beach stay to relax on the snow-white dream beaches on the Indian Ocean

Kenya is one of the best-performing economies in East Africa and is one of the most attractive travel destinations in the world for animal lovers!

For nature lovers, Kenya is without question paradise on earth!

All vegetation zones are present, whether desert, grass, bush and tree savannas, gallery forests along rivers, swamps, fertile highlands, tropical rainforests, mountains or large lakes. There is so much to explore! A number of large and small nature reserves are home to the most valuable treasure of this impressive travel destination, its wild animals. We would like to give you the experience of visiting these last natural paradises on earth. This is our task, which we fulfill with heart and passion!

East Africa's greatest wealth lies in its unique wildlife, which can be explored on a safari. No two safaris are the same, which is what makes this form of travel so appealing! Kenya is blessed with exceptional fauna in pristine African landscapes. Wide open savannahs, rolling green hills, mountain forests, river landscapes, bushland and the backdrop of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

The most popular photo attractions on a safari are usually the “Big Five”, elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. Every tourist wants to get these animals in front of the camera lens. However, a safari in Africa is not a trip to the zoo, we move in the natural habitat of the wild animals.

DM Tours (DAN Magical Tours LTD) will bring you so much more to see. You will be fascinated by the diverse animal inhabitants of Kenya, large and small, like pearls on a necklace of East African treasures.

Countless other creatures of nature are part of perfect safari happiness. For example, the Great Migration with an estimated two million wandering ungulates, accompanied by numerous big cats. In search of food, the huge herds move to the pastures from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya and back in the eternal cycle of nature. On the way along their programmed paths, they have to overcome raging rivers and steep slopes. A dramatic spectacle!

 Exciting game drives in off-road vehicles take you through Kenya into the realm of wild animals and will make your heart beat faster, guaranteed! Safari makes you happy, these wonderful impressions remain unforgettable in the memory of every nature lover.

Our company's good reputation and satisfied customers are the best recommendation. Personal support is a matter of course for us.

We are there for you around the clock! We guarantee all of this!

After all, Safari is a question of trust!

Kenya's national parks